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If your customers are companies, your needs are often different than if your customers are consumers. Corporate customers are acting bigger, purchases usually go on for several days and the demands on precision are higher.

Increased sales

Product information, videos, pictures, documentation, related products, reviews, accessories, what others also have bought, purchase lists, discount systems, voucher codes, shipping mechanisms, campaigns, etc.

The mechanisms you can use to increase sales in a b2b online store are many and we have experience from most of them.


Let your customers register orders when it suits them.

Give customers access to order history so they can easily trade the same items again. Give them access to invoice history, outstanding receivables, status of orders, tracking number at Bring, and so on.

Your employees should spend the time adding value to the customer, not on manual operations with order processing.

Give customers the opportunity to love your solutions. This is what self-service is all about.


Once the customer has registered the order in your online store, it must be transferred to the order system.

If inventory balance changes in the inventory system, the online store will be updated.

And when an order is sent, the order must be tracked in the online store via for example Bring. All relevant endpoints must be integrated: orders, goods, inventories, customers, projects, invoices, etc.


The time for manual operations is over. Self-service and integration are key factors for automation.

Automation is about removing as many human involvement in a process as possible.

Let’s look at your processes and how much time and money you can save by thinking about automation.

An experienced supplier

Over the years we have delivered a number of highly successful b2b online stores. Solutions that have significantly reduced our customers’ costs, increased sales, and helped businesses spend their time on measures that add value to customers – not being a order center.

Some of the systems we deliver integrations to:

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7 Fjell Brewery

The nightlife industry is on hold. Turnover to microbreweries is falling. The inventory is there. Customers are thirsty. The solution is to get the beer out to the customers. Delivered at the door, with face mask, gloves and check of identification.

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