Ecommerce Manager Services

Bring in enterprise grade, experienced ecommerce management for your business, as and when you need it. Highly skilled, senior ecommerce managers available from 1 day per month to full time, delivering expertise to coordinate the commercial, marketing, business, and technical aspects of your online business.
Why wait until you can hire full time specialists? Get the benefit of expertise now to drive your business forward.

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Technical Expertise

Our ecommerce managers are experienced with working across a wide range of platforms, and all have a deep understanding of our core platform WordPress/ Woocommerce. Your business can benefit from technical expertise at the heart of your decisions, ensuring security and performance is prioritised as you grow reach and sales.

Business Accumen

With dozens of years business experience across the team, you can be confident of having support from managers who understand the needs of your business. Prompt clear communication, and a keen understanding of the need to turn investment into results, mean you can be confident in our partnership.

Expert Coordination

Because of our experience across business, technology, marketing and sales, your complex ecommerce systems can at last have a well coordinated management. Every ecommerce store is a system of systems – our ecommerce managers bring you the confidence to harness all these tools and systems to deliver value and growth.

Our ecommerce managers are allocated on long term basis, establishing and building a deep engagement with your business and your technology stack. Your dedicated resource can work as an ‘in house’ team member, while bringing in all our expertise and experience, and ensuring a flexible and productive engagement.

The E-commerce manager for hire service is our service for those organisations that do not have the capacity to employ their own people in the role of online store manager. There can be many reasons why it is demanding to have your own people in such roles internally: the expertise is difficult to obtain, the tasks are too narrow, the price is too high compared to ROI with current turnover etc.

Maksimer has built a solid team of e-commerce experts who help you with your e-comm website . The ecommerce expert works for the customers, and not as an ordinary adviser. The goal is to ensure continuity, better routines and higher ROI for the customers we work for.

What all our customers find is that there is a huge advantage to having a single core contact person to communicate with Maksimer, across all the technical, consulting, and marketing services we can deliver. For the companies to only deal with a person who knows both the company and engages effectively across Maksimer ensures a high performance, low friction engagement for our customers. We also see that an E-commerce manager from Maksimer becomes the reference point for expertise in e-commerce, and often assists other third-party partners on whom the company depends for a successful e-commerce venture.

If you are curious about this service, and if your company experiences a need for stronger expertise and more resources in e-comm work, please do not hesitate to contact us. We tailor a plan for your company, and together we find the form of the collaboration so that we achieve the best results as soon as possible. This is a dynamic service, and we have our advisers out with companies today who are at the forefront of a project with us, during a project and not least after the online store is live. That’s when the work really begins. We also offer our ecommerce services to companies that are do not take technical or hosting services from Maksimer.

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