5 Tips: How to Rank High Organically on Google with Your Online Store

Ranking high organically on Google is important for online stores that want to increase traffic, conversion rates, and revenue. This provides several advantages for your online store.

Firstly, it leads to increased visibility and brand awareness, attracting more traffic and potential customers. Secondly, it fosters greater trust and authority among users, as they often consider websites at the top of the search results to be more credible and reliable.

Eivind Nessen Tangen works in the Growth department at Maksimer. He is the head of the analysis team and is an expert in search engine optimization.

Eivind Nessen Tangen, head of the analysis team in the Growth department at Maksimer, uses his expertise daily to help online stores rank high organically on Google.


Eivind explains that his team works in two areas. One is paid advertising, Google Ads, and social media advertising. The other part is about analysis, working with the website, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, and tailoring the solution to the audience businesses aim to reach.

“Overall, we assist online stores in driving growth and sales,” he says. This is regardless of whether the customers use Maksimer’s own e-commerce solutions.

“We provide customers with a full team of people who help them increase online visibility and revenue. They don’t need to have our WooCommerce or Litium solutions in place.”

Eivind then shares his top tips on how your online store can rank high organically on Google.

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first step to rank high organically on Google is to conduct keyword research and optimize your website for search terms. Choose keywords that are relevant to your online store and products. Make sure to include these keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, headers, image captions, and the content of your website. This will help Google correctly index your site and boost its visibility in search results.

“A common mistake is to choose general keywords with high volume,” says Eivind. He recommends overlooking volume and instead selecting keywords that are specific and directly related to what you sell.

Use Specific Keywords

– “There’s no point in getting a lot of traffic if customers can’t find what they’re looking for,” he explains.

He gives an example:

The word “fireplace” has a monthly search volume of 14,800. If you instead use keywords like “see-through fireplace,” the competition becomes lower, and you reach 140 individuals who are genuinely looking for a see-through fireplace.

– “See-through fireplace” represents a search where the user knows what they want and is likely ready to make a purchase,” he says.

– The initial search probably only resonates with a fraction of those who are actually looking to purchase a fireplace.

Mobile-friendliness and User-friendliness

A user-friendly and mobile-friendly online store is essential for ranking high on Google. Over half of all searches are conducted on mobile devices, so it’s crucial to have a website that performs well on both computers and mobile devices.

“The user experience starts with the structure of the online store. It needs to be logical, intuitive, and constructed hierarchically based on which pages of the store are most important to showcase,” says Eivind.

“Your website must be designed responsively, use easily readable fonts, and have clear navigation menus. This enhances the user experience and increases the likelihood of visitors converting into customers.”

Loading and Response Time

The loading and response time of your website impacts both the user experience and your ranking on Google. Optimize your site’s performance by reducing image sizes, minimizing JavaScript and CSS files, and utilizing caching.

“Compress videos and images,” is the clear recommendation from the expert. “Large-format visual elements negatively affect the page load speed.”

Google also offers a free tool, PageSpeed Insights, which can help you identify performance issues and suggest solutions.

Quality Content and Updates

Google values online stores that offer quality content and regular updates. Ensure you produce engaging and informative content about your products and related topics. Also, use a blog to share news, guides, and tips with your customers. Regularly update your website to signal to Google that you are active and relevant. This will help improve your ranking in search results.

Another factor that can negatively impact organic search is broken links and corrupted images.

“Focus on technical aspects. Have routines in place to go through broken links, expired products, 404-pages, and corrupted images,” advises Eivind.

Social Signals and Link Building

Social signals and link building are essential factors for ranking high on Google. Set up profiles on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and share content from your online store to boost engagement and drive traffic to your site. Active participation on social media will also provide Google with signals that your online store is relevant and worthy of a high ranking.

“Focus on acquiring high-quality and relevant links to your online store from authoritative websites. Guest posting, collaborating with bloggers and influencers, and participating in industry-related forums are some ways to establish strong backlinks,” says Eivind.

“Google views links as endorsements, so a solid backlink profile will enhance your organic ranking.”

Our Growth Team Helps You Rank High in Google Searches

Maksimer understands that it can be challenging for online store owners to keep up with the continuous changes in search engine optimization and organic ranking. That’s why Maksimer has a dedicated growth team that assists its clients in achieving high rankings in Google searches.

“We provide our clients with an entire team of people who assist them in enhancing their online visibility and revenue,” says Eivind Nessen Tangen at Maksimer.

Maksimer’s Growth team has expertise in SEO, keyword research, technical optimization, content strategy, and link building. We will work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy that helps your online store achieve higher organic rankings, increased traffic, and consequently, greater revenue.

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Reach out to us today to get started with organic search engine optimization and achieve higher rankings for your online store on Google.

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