Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated online store

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a finance and invoice system from Microsoft.

Maksimer develops integrated online stores based on WooCommerce. We often distinguish between B2B online stores and B2C online stores. We have developed a number of integrations against cash registers and financial systems, and we are probably Norway’s strongest WooCommerce environment.

We have developed a two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which enables the following:

  • Transfer customers from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the online store

  • Transfer products / items from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the online store

    You can control which items you want to be available in the online store

  • Transfer stock value from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the webshop

    You can choose whether you want only the values from a specific layer or sum of multiple layers.
    It is also possible to configure what should constitute available inventory in the online store (in stock, in order, in purchase, reserved, etc.)

  • Transfer product groups from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the online store

  • Transfer orders from the online store to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Customers can be created in Dynamics NAV
    Orders can be created on a regular customer number, ex. settlement method for easy reconciliation.
    Configuration of custom fields can be done on request.

  • Transfer order history from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to online store

    Customers can then easily make repurchases.

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