7 Fjell

The nightlife industry is on hold. Turnover for microbreweries is dropping. The inventory is there. Customers are thirsty. The solution is to get the beer straight to the customers. Delivered at the door, with a face mask, gloves and identification. The solution allows you to order your favorites, choose the day and time for delivery and then just sit ready with your beer glass. If you do not have a beer glass do not panic, you can get those delivered too.

Order your favorites easily

The shortest possible path to the goal, all the products are presented on the front page, listed clearly and simply, with updated stock status from Visma Business.

Vipps then it’s done!

Easiest possible checkout and Vipps as the only payment method.
Vipps is the Norwegian version of Venmo.

– Jens Eikeset, CEO 7 Fjell 

When the strict corona measures were introduced in mid-March, we lost about 80% of our turnover overnight. This then became a golden opportunity to put in place a simple e-commerce solution that we had long postponed.

Maksimer put together a well-functioning online store with all the necessary functionality in a couple of days. This gives us visibility, sales, publicity, and helps us maintain the “top of mind” position we work hard for every single day. In addition, we now enter as a partner with Verftet and Datarock, as a supplier of beverages for their digital festival #Verftetfestival – with beer delivered to the door, and music through screens and speakers. I recommend everyone who has wondered about setting up an e-commerce solution to go for it. You may find that you suddenly get another leg to stand on.

Cheers from 7 Fjell!

B2B and B2C

We have also created a separate B2B online store for 7 fjell Brewery which functions as a self-service solution for the company’s corporate customers.

Integration between Visma and WooCommerce

  • Order sync
  • Product sync
  • Customer sync

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