Enklere Liv

Enklere Liv (translated Simpler Life) was established in March 2005 and sells goods in the categories health, wellness, massage, personal care, shoes, smart and useful solutions in home & leisure, kitchen and technology.

In connection with the company starting up again after a bankruptcy petition in March 2020, Maksimer helped them to set up a smoothly working, fully functional online store as quickly as possible.

One of the challenges was that Enklere Liv originally used Magento as a platform for their online store. During this period, it was officially announced that not all versions of Magento 1 were maintained after June 1, 2020. This is why it was urgent to get them onto a new platform.

The ability to order online and pick up the goods in store is very important for their customers. In order for this to flow as seamlessly as possible, we have ensured integration to both their storage (ERP) and cash register system (POS).

The ERP manages important business aspects such as inventory, sales, accounting and other back-end business functions. POS refers to the cash register system. As soon as the order arrives at the checkout, they can approve or reject it depending on whether it is in stock or not. It gives Enklere Liv full control over the sales process.