Kellox is Norway’s largest importer of motorcycles and motorcycle equipment – and a leading player in boats and outboard engines. The company was founded in 1950 and is one of Norway’s oldest and most recognized importers of motorized products on land and at sea.

Kellox has a humongous inventory with close to 1.2 million products. It is quite likely that there are no other WooCommerce online stores with such a large database in the world. Kellox has a large dealer unit that is completely dependent on a complete overview of the products. Thus, the solution is designed to handle B2B retailers, while being prepared to provide good information to ordinary consumers.

In order to keep information and images for so many products up to date and to market and sell the products through various distribution channels, Kellox has chosen to use PIM as a solution (Product information management). This is a solution that makes it much easier to keep track of the different products.

The products go through a process that looks like this: The ERP system is linked to a Web service solution. The web service solution talks to WooCommerce, which in turn talks to PIM. Finally, updated information goes to WooCommerce.

The solution Maksimer AS has developed for Kellox is tailored specifically to their needs. The solution gives Kellox a completely superior level of control even considering the many parties involved in making the solution work properly. We have worked as a team and Kellox has been deeply involved in the whole process. This has been crucial due to the size and complexity of the project, and has ensured a much higher quality of implementation.