XPLORA is a smart watch specially adapted for children. It allows the child to call and send voice messages to their contact list, completely without access to the internet. In the parent app, you can easily define who your child should have contact with, and get information about where the child is.

XPLORA has been one of our largest customers since 2018. Their solution is based on WordPress and WooCommerce and is largely tailored by us at Maksimer AS. We are a total provider of their web services and fix everything that has to do with their web pages, including CRO and SEO. In addition, we have set up a separate system for activating mobile subscriptions for them.

XPLORA operates in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, so they need websites in different languages and with the different currencies.

«We have been a customer of Maksimer AS for almost two years and we are very pleased with their focus on finding good solutions and how they make themselves available for us in XPLORA Mobile.»

– Svenn Simonsen / COO – Xplora Mobile AS

After we took over the SEO work
  • 95% increase in visibility on the Google search engine
  • 25% more keywords ranked
  • 22% more users from organic searches
  • 64% increase in turnover from organic searches
  • 100% increase in the conversion rate on xplora.no