WooCommerce Agency UK

Maksimer UK can help you maximise the performance of your Woocommerce based web store. Our Woocommerce design, development, integration, and consultancy expertise supports more than 400 clients across Europe and Scandinavia. Call us to see how we can supercharge your Woocommerce store.

WooCommerce Design & Development

Outstanding UX and UI design focussed on growth, delivered through certified Woocommerce development with highly experienced teams. Our Maco SaaS Platform lets your site deploy essential integrations quickly and keep them up to date.

Growth Marketing Consultancy

Grow your online business with the guidance of our specialist consultants covering SEM, SEO & Analytics, CRO, and content creation. Grow your ecommerce store to the next level by harnessing the power of social media and taking sales to where your customers are.

Ecommerce Manager Service

Get the best performance from your website with our dedicated, experienced e-commerce managers. As your business grows you can call on the experience and skills of enterprise grade ecommerce management, when and where it counts.

Project Price Calculator

Building our your ideal webstore on WooCommerce may cost less than you expect. Our project calculator can give you a guide for investment today.

E-commerce partner for successful brands

We are the trusted partner of over 400 ecommerce brands across europe. Our expertise and experience delivers the design and technical development capacity to deliver their sites, and support their growth. Our Growth and SEO consultancy is giving them key competitive advantages in their markets. And our e-commerce management skills are giving them the agility and direction to grow their online businesses with confidence.

Certified WooCommerce Experts

Our experience and expertise with WordPress and WooCommerce is second to none, and our partnerships bring you the added benefits of global support networks and enhanced commercial terms.

WooCommerce Agency UK

Your Woocommerce store can be supercharged with our design and development optimisation, accelerated integrations, and growth focussed content and SEO consultancy.

Maksimer is one of the top Woocommerce design, development and support agencies in Europe. Our unique mix of services delivers high performance eccommerce sites for hundreds of brands across Scandinavia and Europe and now we’re coming to the UK.

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