Linda Johansen

In cooperation with Team Linda we have created an award winning WooCommerce online store. The 2020 Norwegian online store of the year sells skin care products formulated and developed by Linda Johansen.

Maksimer’s work with is built on mutual respect. Their ability to make their wishes clear while still being open to and accepting our recommendations contributes to the feeling of working in a partnership rather than a client-provider relationship. This form of collaboration led to what is now the 2020 online store of the year.

One of the things we worked on was the creation of a solution where customer data for around 30 000 customers was safely and efficiently migrated from Mystore to WooCommerce. In addition to this we developed flexible subscription packages with differing discount structures. The structure and discount changes based on how often the customer orders something from the website. The more frequent a customer is, the higher their discount. We have also created a solution that allows customers to tailor the composition of their deliveries in their ‘My account’ page.

We have also developed what we call ‘the skin care test’. The test consists of a series of questions and your answers determine which skin care products best suit your skin type. This makes the customers journey from landing on the website to purchasing a product much easier and faster.

Additionally, we have a customer club that provides a different shopping experience for the various customer groups. Premium members are especially well taken care of with exclusive offers, content and benefits.

Online store of the year two years in a row!

Every year, an independent jury selects the best Norwegian online stores. Linda Johansen won the E-commerce Award in 2019 and impressed the jury once again in 2020 with her newly developed website.

The jury stated “a good shopping experience, control over all processes and a conscious knowledge on how to engage and create customer value in everything they do” as a justification for the win.

See an excerpt from the award ceremony and hear the jury’s reasoning here.

“Linda Johansen won the Online Trade Award last year, and impressed the jury once again. With a very good shopping experience, extremely solid control on all processes and a conscious knowledge of how to engage and create customer value in everything they do, they were the right winner this year as well. They show development from last year in many fields, have a loyal customer group – many of whom are more like fans, and they have profitable growth.”
– Jury, E-Commerce Awards 2020

The customer’s needs come first

The store is developed to respond to the customer’s needs as quickly, easily and clearly as possible. There are many small and large functional and visual adjustments that ensure a good shopping experience and a higher conversion rate. We have highlighted a few here that we think are pretty nifty and can be used as inspo for other stores.

Package solutions

By developing a customized product package solution, you get a very effective sales tool that increases order value by offering customized accessory offers based on their wants and needs.

Membership packages

Linda Johansen offers special VIP packages to their customers, these are set up as subscription products that reward customers that purchase products from the website often. Customers can change the content and subscriptions as they like.

New shipping solutions uses Posten, Helt hjem and Instabox for shipping. Instabox was recently launched in Norway, and the concept is same day package delivery to storage cabinets. It works similarly to Amazon Prime same day locker deliveries.